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Lifestyle TVs

The Serif rethinks TV, how we use them and how they fit in our lives. We want to introduce all that The Serif has to offer in your life. All the ways you can make it uniquely yours. All by itself, The Serif will make its own statement. Choose how you want to use it, and shape your lifestyle around it.

Design your life with The Serif


Harmoniously blended to your lifestyle, The Serif is a statement piece that's been optimized to style your home.

Discover smarter ways to enjoy your TV


Intelligence that seamlessly syncs up to make life easier so you can enjoy your TV more. The Serif has the smarts to deliver outstanding performance at every moment.

Experience QLED technology on The Serif

QLED Technology

Whatever you’re watching with stunning QLED 4K quality, every second looks true-to-life. The Serif brings you a visual feast of over a billion cinematic colours that will look incredible for years to come.

How The Serif reshapes your lifestyle

"Beautifully Designed + World Class Technology...If you have a keen sense of design like myself, then this is the TV for you. Beautiful form meets pragmatic function..."

55" Class The Serif QLED Smart 4K UHD TV - White (2019), USA,samsung.com

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Find the right fit for your style

See how The Serif fits into your space